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No Corporate Income Tax

No Franchise Tax unlike in some other states

No taxes on corporate shares

No Personal Income Tax

No I.R.S. Information Sharing Agreement

Nominal Annual Fees

Minimal Reporting and Disclosure Requirements

Limited Liability for Officers and Directors

Stockholders are not public record & directors need not be stockholders

Some businesses start out small and then grow. You’re a new business owner, and you need to know how to start up your business, as well as how to execute your strategies. You're a successful business person and you know that time is money. The amount of time you would have to spend researching is much too great of a cost of your time. When you have a problem that you want to solve, you will often find that one particular problem will just lead to many more if you attempt to fix it yourself. Allow us to take care of these troubles for you.

Furthermore, being a sole proprietor business person, you personally are responsible for all of your business debts and liabilities, making you liable to lawsuits that could wipe out your personal savings and assets.
In order to put a somewhat manage task into simple terms, Corporate STAR can help your company plan and execute business strategies to form a Corporation or Limited Liability Company.

Yes, it's true! You can get a Corporation or Limited Liability Company for only $99.00 plus a processing fee (for a limited time only).

As a Corporation or LLC, you alone can hold the offices of President, Secretary, Treasurer,and be the sole Director in Nevada. You don't have to bring other people into your Nevada corporation if you do not want to.


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